02: Living Your Confident Dreams On and Off Stage with Abby Mueller

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Featured on today’s episode Salisha chats with Broadway musical actor Abby Mueller. Abby stars as Jane Seymour in the blockbuster hit Six, the musical.
Abby shares several choice moments when she had to perform sick and what goes through her mind to where she can relax and doesn’t change the quality of her performance. She tells what you hear in your own head doesn’t match what actually people are hearing out there which is a  hard moment when you have to know when to live and learn.
Salisha takes the conversation about Abby’s preparation for the play coming to America where Abby shares that it was already a big hit in London but there was already a buzz about it. Then she mentioned working with the London cast where the creators are so young and new. She added that they are allowed to do their own thing within the framework that as soon as they started it was pretty fast putting the whole thing together that all of their brains are exploding, but they had rich sessions.
Abby shares that the show on Carol King was a biographical, musical stick and is stylistically different. In those times there’s not a lot of actual historical data so they had to fill in a lot of gaps. One of the things that’s been super cool that the show and the writing does so brilliantly is show that it hasn’t changed in so many years, that women are still parallels and how modern it is. And she thinks it’s really clever, really smart and really awesome. 
Join in as Salisha and Abby talk about Abby’s musical shows and how she overcome the challenges brought by the pandemic.


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