03: How To Take Your Entrepreneurial Vision and Make It Real with Nikki Nash

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Featured on today’s episode Salisha chats with Market your Genius author and podcast host, Nikki Nash.
Nikki shares her journey of starting her own business where she tells people that they must have some blissful or naive optimism that it’s going to work out. She thinks that people need that kind of blind optimism to keep moving forward because nobody has a perfect journey in entrepreneurship. Failure is something that you’re going to face. But she learned something from it and she’s going to implement what she learned and it’s going to be better the next time.
She also thinks that people often don’t realize the wealth of knowledge that they have on different things. Whether it’s through life experiences or an actual career job. People may feel you have so far to go but that doesn’t mean that you can’t help the people that are behind you. It means you don’t have to be famous to feel like you can help somebody else. It means we can start exactly where we are.
Salisha asked Nikki what would she say to somebody who is trying to get into an industry that they know nothing about. Nikki answered by telling about a video she watched from a motivational speaker, Brendon Burchard. And in that video, he said that if he looks at your calendar and he can’t tell what your priorities are, then they’re not going to happen. Nikki goes on to say that if you want something, you focus on it right now.
Listen in as Salisha and Nikki discuss her book, podcast, and her entrepreneurship journey.
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