05: Salisha Reunites with her Trevor The Musical Cast

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Featured on today’s episode, Salisha chats with  Isabel Kaegi, Eli Tokash (who played Trevor in the musical), Justin O’Brien and Jhardon DiShon Milton

Salisha starts the conversation by asking the guests about their experience in this pandemic where they all worked on improving themselves and were happy and confident in the work that they have been able to do, even though some of them didn’t have work for more than a year. They learned to know when and where to be in control of things by finding a silver lining with people being forced to go home and stay home and do things differently. And now looking back, they were able to identify that they changed for the better.

Salisha asks about their plans in the future and what they are grateful for. They are very much grateful for time because this pandemic has allowed people to look at time completely different. People rush a lot and it allowed them to sit still and be present in the moment. Also, they are grateful for the relationship that they have right now while one is excited to go back to school to have their masters.

Join Salisha and the rest of the gang as they chat about Broadway, how the pandemic hit them and what they are grateful for in life.


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