06: Claiming and Owning Your Identity with World-renowned Soprano Julia Bullock

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Featured on today’s episode, Salisha chats with classical performer who performed all over the world, artist resident at the Met at San Francisco Symphony, Grammy-nominated and has a heart for social activism, world-renowned soprano Julia Bullock.

Julia shares that she has been able to work but it has shifted more towards recording and no longer just focuses on performing. In some aspects of her career, she’s already not shifting away from performing but starting to include more curating. And also developing relationships with various artist organizations to helping them think about what their goals were and are, and how to satisfy them for any aspirations that they have moving forward into the future. She says what’s happening is temporary will not last forever. 

She also mentions that this pandemic can go in a million different directions but she will have to claim humanity first. She also shares that identity is a challenging question because it has been challenging for her in the past since there are so many expectations with her multi-ethnicity or mixed heritage. She finds it fascinating that many critics feel that it is necessary to note what color or identity in some way she is. She stressed that she’s so proud of who she is because it’s taken some time and real consideration, healing, and self-love. She says there’s nothing wrong with doubting yourself because it gets back to that self-reflection and finding it. The awareness where you can have tunnel vision of being a star in your own universe but what does that mean to be in the constellation of others. 

Julia talks about painful identity issues where she shares about not knowing how to take care of her hair. They went through this period when they have growing hair and not knowing how to really brush it and how to care for it. This brings tears to her eyes because she looks at her young nieces that her sister is raising. Her sister is watching YouTube videos exploring all different kinds of products, learning how to braid hair because she wants her daughter’s hair to be a source of pride for them.

So join Salisha and Julia as they talk about how Julia is coping up with the pandemic, her journey in her music career, and finding self-love and healing being of mixed ethnicity.

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