10: How This New Mom Found The Answers To Life and Business

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In this episode, we have invited Tia DeShazor. She is an actor, producer, coach, writer, and co-founder of BOLD, a network for black women creatives. She actively creates change on the stage and develops new projects as a lyricist in the Advanced BMI- Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop. She has also written commissioned work for Prospect Theatre’s Musical Theather Lab, New York City Children’s Theatre, Astoria Performing Art Center, and Girlhood the Musical. Today, she will share all about her experience as a new mother and the journey of accepting yourself and your uniqueness.

Doing Multiple Things


Tia always wanted to be an actor. But she later found out that she couldn’t keep herself in one place and be an actor. She had other desires to do and other problems to solve for herself as an actor. She then became a writer out of how she didn’t like any of the available roles.

Creative Power


Tia’s main offer is Creative Power, a membership program that meets weekly to discuss everything artists talk about. Most of what is spoken about in the program are all about mindset.

Privacy and Pregnancy


When you’re 37 and married for ten years, there’s the expectation of having a baby. Because of this, Tia became very private about her pregnancy. She didn’t have any issues about being pregnant, but it became very personal for her. She felt that her pregnancy was a very private thing in her life where she didn’t want to share it with other people. 

Fighting Postpartum Depression


Using her encapsulated placenta helped Tia with postpartum depression. The placenta will help the mother with either postpartum depression or anxiety, so Tia recommends eating the placenta. There is a doula that makes the placenta into capsules and a tincture. The capsule is supposed to prevent postpartum depression. So the tincture is like for like six months postpartum if you need a little boost.

The Wash-And-Go Hairstyle


Tia has done wash-and-go with her hair since 2013. In 2008, she stopped straightening her hair and added twists and braid-outs. So in 2013, she decided to have wash-and-go because straightening her hair had a lot of work to do

Hair Products


Tia has ordered some other hair oil recently. She puts oil in her hair to give it a shine during the week. Putting oil in her hair has to be done every week. She puts the time into conditioning her hair and taking a shower.

How to Get the Best Results for Taking Care of Curly Hair


Tia always wanted curly hair. But she always straightened it. She had a relaxer growing up because she had a lot of hair growing up. Her mother would have a hard time with straightening her hair when she was young. So she took Tia to a beauty school to get her hair done and get it pressed.

Accepting her Hair


Tia embraced having braid outs with her hair, but after getting a braid out, half of her hair would be down in a ponytail, and the other half would be up. But with that, she never did anything about it. Tia doesn’t want to chemically straighten her hair because she doesn’t want to spend time conforming to a white male standard. She likes to be simple, even when her hair is straight.

Recommended Book


Tia is always reading a ton of books. One book she recommends is called “We Should All Be Millionaires” by Rachel Rogers. The book is an amazing program written by a black woman about making money. The book breaks down all of the things and misconceptions about money.

Learn more about Tia DeShazor:

Website: https://www.tiadeshazor.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tia-deshazor-78b6171a/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tiadeshazor

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tiadeshazor/

BOLD: https://www.boldnyc.org/

Learn more about Tia’s Coaching at https://tiadeshazor.mykajabi.com/sales-page

Learn more about We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers at https://www.amazon.com/We-Should-All-Be-Millionaires/dp/1400221625

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