11: Finding Your Way Through The Eyes of God with Christian David

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In this episode, our guest is Christian David. He is an award-winning gospel artist, musical theater actor, and playwright. Today, he will talk with us about his first ever experience in Broadway and New York. Also, he will talk about performing arts theater, and his connection with God in his performances. Stay tuned! This is an exciting one!

First Experience in Times Square


When Christian first got to Madison Square, he went to see his first Broadway show, Hadestown. His checkout was smooth and all of his requirements, like a vaccine card, were in order. When he got in, he had a great seat on the second floor. Interestingly, he was seated next to a lady who went to high school with the show’s director.

Expectations on Hadestown Musical


Watching Hadestown on Broadway met Christian’s expectations. He first heard the music from Hadestown on Sirius XM, and when he finally got to listen to them personally on Broadway, his expectations were exceeded. When the cast first came out on stage, the energy in the room was electric, and their opening made everyone in the room erupt.

Energy Performing on Stage


Being a gospel artist, Christian takes the focus off himself and just goes into autopilot. And being in a position as a gospel artist for him is vastly different when performing in theater. So when he is performing, he tries to empty himself so that he can have a connection with God that flows through him and get all the work he needs to get done.

Performing in Theater


The theater is where Christian goes into flow with God where he thinks about playing his part and that he deserves to play the role. He then just instills into himself that he just has to go out there and own his performance. He knows that he has practiced and rehearsed well enough to perform.

Doing God’s Work


God can use us in any way on any platform. And even in those venues, Christian gives the glory of his performances to God. Even though he uses the platforms and spaces of theater, he trusts God for his performances in theater and that God will make sure that he is adequately prepared.

Christian’s Opinion on MJ’s Cancellation after his death


Like any other artist, Christian would hate for someone to ignore his art and everything he has contributed to his craft and the genre he was in. He will hate that if the reason for the ignorance is the mistakes he made in the past. He says that allegations that came out because of public opinion are just allegations. Nothing ever substantial is substantially proven.

The Myth about New York


Christian felt unsafe in New York, especially when he was opening up. One of the reasons was a myth about New York that says that you should not travel to New York alone. But when he was finally there, he was always by himself all day, but he never felt unsafe. People are walking so fast and moving where they don’t have time to bump into anybody or get into an altercation. Nobody ever tried to rob him or did anything bad to him.

Biggest Takeaway from Going to New York


Home Alone 2 was one of the movies that Christian and his mother would watch every Christmas. When he got to New York, he went to the places where Macaulay Culkin, who played Kevin Mcallister in the movie, walked like the world-famous plaza. The experience was memorable for him, and he recommended everyone to go there.


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