13: Black Art Matters: Speaking Out Against Your Convictions with Chester Gregory

In This Episode

We have the power to stand for what matters to us and others. But sometimes, it’s easy to stay quiet and not say anything even when we ought to. Everybody’s convictions are different, but you’ve got to stick with yours. Your voice matters, and standing for what’s important to you is being your authentic self.

In this episode, we are joined by Chester Gregory, an award-winning Broadway veteran and artist. Chester has made numerous television appearances and his Broadway show credits include Motown, Dreamgirls, Tarzan, Shrek, Cry baby, and Sister Act. 

Chester has also created his own One Man Show, and he has recently been spotted opening the Tony Awards. During the episode, Chester shares his journey and experience as an artist to provide you with life lessons and tools that make your world a better place.  

During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:17] Chester’s career backstory

[02:14] How Chester got on the Tony Awards

[03:48] The story behind “Black Art Matters” writing on Chester’s jacket  

[06:47] Advocating for self and sticking with your conviction

[11:39] Chester’s journey in the art and support that positioned him to success

[15:39] What makes Chester feel seen in his career

[17:13] About Chester’s hair and Miss Jessie’s hair product

[21:49] Why Chester prefers wigs while performing

[23:39] Chester’s perspective on facial hair 

[25:49] How Chester dealt with haircuts during show tours

[27:56] About Chester’s Tik-Tok videos

[32:41] What Chester is grateful for and what he’s looking forward to

[33:36] How to reach out and connect with Chester

Notable quotes

  • “Be authentic to yourself and stand with what’s important to you.” 
  • “Your voice matters, stick by your convictions.”
  • “People understand the intention behind what you’re doing.”

Connect with Chester Gregory

Website: https://www.chestergregory.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chestergregory/

Facebook:  https://web.facebook.com/ChesterGregory

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