16: Allowing Yourself to Live Your Absolute Best Life

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Of all the people who have ever been born, less than one percent have a natural talent for doing what they do more effectively and creatively than others. The other ninety-nine percent of the people either have to learn their habits from someone else or develop them through trial and error.  Today’s episode is graced by DeLaney Westfall, a Broadway actor known for her roles in Beautiful the Musical and Kinky Boots.

Join another conversation of The Salisha Show with me as I chat with DeLaney Westfall, an actor, singer, & dancer originally from St. George, Utah. After graduating with a BFA in Music Dance Theater from BYU, she went to NYC, where she has been working ever since. In August 2018, DeLaney took on the principal role of Lauren in the smash-hit Kinky Boots and finished her run in January 2019. She immediately started rehearsals for Barrow Street Theater’s critically acclaimed, award-winning production of Sweeney Todd. Until recently, DeLaney starred in the Broadway production of “Beautiful – The Carole King Musical”.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:50] Meet today’s guest; DeLaney Westfall

[04:06] Why you should live with an identity that is not tied to a career

[05:47] DeLaney’s dating life

[07:06] How her wedding engagement took place

[10:53] Did her fiancee get nervous on the engagement day?

[13:44] Common worries we all have

[15:10] DeLaney’s hobbies and side hustles

[25:00] How can the unity of the United States be restored

[31:17] How to reach out and connect with DeLaney

Notable quotes

  • “Everybody has to live with an identity that is not attached to a career.”-DeLaney Westfall.
  • “When you are in alignment with your life, it should feel like swimming downstream.”-Salisha Thomas.
  • “Even if you had planned it, engagement will always find you as a surprise.”-DeLaney Westfall.
  • “Unity is the fruits of giving people an opportunity to be themselves.”-DeLaney Westfall.

Connect with DeLaney Westfall 

Website: http://www.delaneywestfall.com/

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/delaney.westfall

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/delaney-westfall-b614a936/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/delaneywestfall/

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