20: The Wonder Weirs: Big-Dreaming Broadway-Bound 8 Year Old Sisters

In This Episode

Meet Mila Weir and Andriana Weir.

Join another conversation of The Salisha Show with your favorite host, Salisha Thomas. Mila Weir and Adriana Weir, two sweet kids, join me in this exciting episode. They are actors, models, competitive dancers, and sisters. They play the role of Little Girls for the World Premiere of Britney Spears Musical, Once Upon a One More Time. Find out more in this conversation.

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During this episode, you will learn:

[00:06] What’s in for you in today’s episode; meet the Weir sisters

[01:10] We are barely seven and eight years old

[01:27] How long have the sisters been performing

[01:58] Why acting is fun for Mila

[02:18] Sweet projects done 

[03:06] The Weir sisters are also dancers!

[03:36] Strong family support has been very key

[04:10] How the two got into performing

[05:11] Source of their personality

[06:18] The very first show

[07:54] I have a dream

[09:28] Nervousness is a sign of incompetency

[10:40] My favorite Disney princess

[14:46] Favorite hairstyle

[16:02] Our greatest inspiration

[17:55] How to follow the journeys of Mila and Andriana 

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