33: The Energy You Give Is the Energy You Receive with Selene Haro and Isidro Rafael

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Selene Haro and Isidro Rafael are affectionately known as Selidro. They are, together, an integral part of the musical hit, Once Upon A One More Time.

Growing up believing that dance classes were too expensive, Selene took a leap when she found out an audition for a junior team would be free of cost. Expecting nothing but checking off her first official dance class, this is where her dance journey began, summer of 2010 where she became an official member of this team. 

Pieces fell into place as she continued to walk this path, and along the way had mentors and peers contributing to the set of tools she carries today. She’s had the opportunity to share her craft in various parts of the world.

Selene has been a part of Building Block since 2014 starting as a coordinator, and in 2017, she became a private instructor for the studio.

Isidro Rafael is a dancer, choreographer, instructor and director residing in San Diego, CA. Coming from a sport heavy background, Isidro decided to begin formal training at age 19, transferring the athleticism and creativity he learned from soccer to dance. His dance background consists of classes, workshops and camps from different instructors at studios all over Southern California. He has adopted the different ways of movement, teaching styles and leadership tools he’s received since then. 

Ultimately, Isidro hopes to move people through his art, connect with different communities he meets through his career and inspire the next generation to create an even better world for future generations to come.

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