Ep12 – Dr. James Q. Simmons

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JAMES Q SIMMONS joined The Take On and what a perfect time with the pandemic on all our minds. James takes the fear out of taking control of your own health, and helps us deal with our fears and phobias. James makes medicine and healthcare palatable for all, and helps alleviate fear of doctors or “white coat syndrome.” Can you get Covid-19 swallowing semen? Can you get Covid-19 from your Amazon package? We answer these and many other questions you might be too scared to ask your primary care doctor. We laughed and learned so much about our bodily health on this podcast, and how to have agency over it. If you want to take care of this body you’ve been given, then this is episode for you!

More about Dr. James Q. Simmons:

JAMES Q. SIMMONS is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, passionate on-air medical expert, and doctoral candidate at UCLA. As a proud member of the most trusted profession in America 18 years running, James has curated the online and social media health community “Ask The NP – everything you’re too scared to ask your MD!” James is a practicing health expert who truly understands that connecting with YOU is everything.




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