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D’Andra Simmons is the Queen of Dallas and she joins The Take On! D’Andra is a sweetheart, and discusses how far she has come in her relationship with Mamma Dee. We break down how hard quarantine has been for her and getting through these tough times while filming a TV show. D’Andra breaks down how her and LeeAnne Locken grew apart and how the show will move forward without LeeAnne. D’Andra also introduces the cast to the first Asian cast member Dr. Tiffany Moon. This season of RHOD will be bumpy, trust me! D’ Andra has also been such an amazing ally to the black community during the BLM movement and has been very vocal in Dallas, which is not really the face of progressive thinking. I bet by the end of this episode you’ll agree D’Andra is miss congeniality of Bravo TV.

More about D’Andra Simmons:

Born and raised in Dallas, D’Andra Simmons is one of the crown jewels of the social scene who comes from a wealthy family with a prominent last name. She lives in the exclusive Highland Park neighborhood with her photojournalist husband, Jeremy. This season, D’Andra struggles to get in touch with her sensitive side and reconcile with a side of her family she hasn’t seen or spoken to in years. In an effort to become a more forgiving person, she enlists the help of a Shaman, but when conflict arises with Kary, her new skills are quickly put to the test.





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