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I’m Berning in Heaven. My girl is on my podcast! Hannah Berner joins The Take On. Comedian. Influencer. Podcaster: Giggle Squad & Berning in Hell. Summer House. Bravo Chat Room. When does this bitch sleep? We spill the tea on mister fuckboy of 2021: Luke Gulbranson! Hannah talked her new bae and fellow comedian Des, and what it’s like to be in a stable relationship. I feel like my girl is growing up right before my eyes. We dive into all the details from this explosive and emotional season of Summer House because spoiler alert Hannah cries a bunch! We talk her new hosting gig on Bravo Chat Room. And we talk how Hannah and Paige navigated recent controversy on their Giggly Squad podcast. Hannah is fucking hilarious and if you’re looking for a pick me up or something to help you stop texting that fuckboy; well then this is the episode for you!


Brooklyn native Hannah Berner is a witty comedian, co-host of Bravo’s “Chat Room” and host of the hit podcast “Berning in Hell” where she interviews fellow comedians, reality stars, and entrepreneurs about their personal demons and insecurities. She also co-hosts the new podcast, “Giggly Squad,” with fellow roommate and best friend, Paige DeSorbo. Hannah approaches life with a fearless free-spirit and honest attitude. Coming in hot this summer, Hannah is ready to let loose and face her past with fellow roommate Luke after quarantining for months with her parents and five cats.




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