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The TikTok Finds series is focused on finding TikTok profiles that speak to me! Viral TikTok Star Kendall Mariah with her 500k followers joins The Take On. Kendall is an amazing example of using your white privileged for good and using your platform to educate on how adoption of white parents to a black child looks like. We discussed the haters and mommy-shamers who slide into her comments and Kendall loves using the reply videos on TikTok to throw shade and educate. Love that tactic! A viral video of her daughter Zadie tap dancing gained momentum because although the moment was touching it was also compared to “minstrel” shows associated with blackface in the 40’s. Kendall beloved her daughter loves to dance and that was the only intention of that video. Kendall is focused on educating herself on various topics and black history and how to do black hair to make sure Zadie is in touch with her roots. Pun intended. And Kendall also maintains a healthy relationship with Zadie’s biological mom as well. If you’re looking for something to show into a uniquely wonderful family then this is the episode for you! yourself a favor and go follow Kendall Mariah on TikTok now!




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