Ep158 – Toneisha Harris: The Voice #TeamBlake, Hairspray North American Tour

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“Music is so beautiful, because it is the tapestry of our lives. There is a song or a lyric for absolutely every emotion – good, bad, high, low – it doesn’t matter…”

Toneisha Harris is a singer and songwriter who may be best known for receiving a four chair turn and becoming the runner up on the most recent season of The Voice. Coming up this November she will join the North American tour of Hairspray as Motormouth Maybelle.

Starting at the age of five, Toneisha could be found singing with her family in church and on the road along Maryland’s lower eastern shore with her mother’s singing group. She didn’t know what it would lead to then, but Toneisha was tied to music for life. 

Toneisha recalls her experience watching all four judges turn their chairs to fight for her on The Voice, and speaks honestly about the “meltdown” she had just moments before stepping on stage. She opens up about receiving her son’s cancer diagnosis in 2011, and shares how throughout nearly 4 years of treatment, Toneisha’s son continued to encourage her to get back on stage. Toneisha also chats about one of her biggest dreams (now coming true) – to get back into theater. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why she decided to join #TeamBlake
  • Filming parts of The Voice at home, with the help of her son 
  • How her dad opened her eyes to the whole world of music 
  • Her songwriting philosophy 
  • Affirmations, and gratitude for the present moment

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