Ep193 – Tara Jackson & Sayo Oni: Taking Us Way Down Underground to Hadestown!

In This Episode

Tara Jackson and Sayo Oni, both triple threats, recently made their Broadway debuts in Hadestown. Originally from Canada, Tara Jackson was previously part of the Hadestown Canadian premiere, and is now assistant dance captain, a swing, and an understudy for The Fates in Hadestown on Broadway. Sayo Oni recently completed his junior fall semester at Elon University, and can now be seen in Hadestown as a swing and an understudy for Orpheus. 

Tara (who covers 8 tracks) and Sayo (who covers 6 tracks) chat about their experiences as swings and understudies – the unpredictability, the excitement, and the documents they both created to keep all their tracks mapped out. They recall what they were doing professionally when COVID shut the industry down, Tara with a flight booked to join the Broadway cast, and Sayo in his freshman year of college, and share how it affected their lives and careers. Tara and Sayo also take us back to when they were first bitten by the theater bug, and how they found their way to Broadway. 

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • Joining the Broadway cast of Hadestown 
  • Learning choreography by osmosis 
  • Finding theater in high school and college 
  • Forming a dentist voice lesson company 
  • Family reactions to their career choice 

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