Ep219 – Ian Eisendrath: Being An Artist is Like Coming Home (special crossover episode)

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For Ian Eisendrath, being an artist is like coming home. So many kids, Ian shares, don’t feel like they fit or belong until they find their creative outlet. By embracing chance, trusting his gut and putting himself out there in big ways, Ian has done just that.

The University of Michigan School of Music graduate could never have predicted the path he would forge that has included various roles on the original Broadway version of Come From Away, which led him to a 2018 Olivier award and a 2017 Grammy nomination. Ian served as the Music Supervisor, Executive Music Producer, and Arranger for Come From Away.

After the show’s successful run on Broadway, Ian then music-supervised the Apple TV film version, which was recorded live on stage in New York City.

Ian is currently the Executive Music Producer on Apple’s Spirited (starring Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell & Octavia Spencer) and his upcoming projects include Disney’s live-action Snow White (starring Rachel Zegler & Gal Gadot) and Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (starring Shawn Mendes, Javier Bardem & Constance Wu).

Ian has traveled the world with his family and continues to take exceptional risks that seem to have beautiful rewards. He’s always looking for that “I can’t not do this” feeling as that’s his sign to go, go, go!

We love when our creative worlds collide! Ian is also a big fan of former WIC guest, Josh Breckenridge (we’re big fans also!). It was fun to chat about that during the episode.

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  • So many artists are kids that felt they “didn’t have a place” when they were younger.
  • Access to live theater and music can, literally transform a child life. 
  • Mentors matter from a very young age. 
  • You have to ask for it … take the risk, put yourself out there. It’s with the risk because you never know what the answers will be if you don’t ask. 
  • Sometimes we can love what we do so much that it induces fear of failure. 
  • It’s amazing what people will do for and with you once they know how deeply and passionately you care. That you won’t lead them stray because you care too much to let it fall apart. 
  • Art, music, and theater are so powerful. They help people heal, grow and learn. 
  • Look for that “I can’t NOT do this” feeling and then go, go, go.

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