Ep255 – Marla Mindelle: Writing a Love Letter to Celine Dion

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Marla Mindelle is currently making people laugh playing an over the top Celine Dion in the off-Broadway production of “Titanique”. At an early age, she already knew that a career in musical theatre was all she ever wanted to do, thanks to her father (who was a musical theatre composer) and all the obscure musical theatre records she consumed. She chronicles her life from booking her first show and her experience as an actress to moving to Los Angeles to become a television and film writer. For Marla, writing as a career is harder than acting, proven by her humble beginnings in L.A. where she also worked at a “ratchet” dinner theatre venue doing movie and musical parodies. Ironically, this is also where the idea for “Titanique” was born. She shares the musical’s (long) journey to success, including getting Celine Dion’s team’s blessing and keeping the script fresh and up-to-date, and how timing and the team’s goal of making each other and the audience genuinely cackle are a huge part of its success.

Marla Mindelle is an actress, writer, and composer who made her Broadway debut in “South Pacific” and originated the role of Sister Mary Robert in “Sister Act” as well as the role of the evil stepsister Gabrielle in the 2013 revival of “Cinderella”. She also played Kitty in the first national tour of “The Drowsy Chaperone” and the evil boss Olivia in the Emmy-nominated series “Special” on Netflix. Her other tv and film credits include “The Nomads”, “Life in Pieces”, and “The Devil’s B*tch”. As a writer and composer, she has had multiple writing projects sold and is in the works. Currently, she can be seen on stage playing Celine Dion in “Titanique” at the Daryl Roth Theatre, a musical she also co-wrote.

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