Ep259 – Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez: Two of Our Generation’s Greatest Songwriters

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This is the first episode of a special 4-part takeover with cast & creatives from Hulu’s new musical series UP HERE. Make sure to stream the entire 21 song UP HERE soundtrack everywhere you find your music.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Bobby Lopez are living proof that two is better than one. They have now co-created a romantic musical comedy called “UP HERE”, streaming exclusively on Hulu. The talented and award-winning duo talk about their humble beginnings and how they crossed paths, all thanks to the BMI workshop. They share the underlying themes of “Up Here”, which includes reestablishing relationships as we go through changes in life that they deeply relate with as a couple. Having the luxury of working together, they look back on their previous projects such as “Coco” “Finding Nemo” and “Frozen”, and how sometimes their work is a reflection of their experiences and what they’re feeling and going through at the moment. Having never worked in television before, the two talk about what the process is like and why it’s been an eye-opening experience for them. Kirsten and Bobby also recall their time working together for WandaVision and why it’s the most fun they’ve ever had working on anything. Ultimately, the power duo’s success can be attributed to two things: the desire to keep getting better and to connect with people.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Bobby Lopez are two talented individuals who have collaborated and co-created music and lyrics for movies and television shows, including “Frozen 1” and “Frozen 2”, “Coco”, “Finding Nemo the Musical”, “Wonder Pets”, “Winnie the Pooh”, and “WandaVision”. Kristen is an Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy award-winning songwriter who helped create Broadway’s first a capella musical, “In Transit” while Bobby is the world’s only official double EGOT winner who helped create “Avenue Q”, “Book of Mormon” for Broadway and has written for shows like “Phineas and Ferb”, “Scrubs”, and “The Simpsons”. For their latest project, Kristen and Bobby are co-creating a romantic musical comedy called “UP HERE”, now streaming on Hulu.


Songs used in this episode:

  • Can I Ever Know You
  • Tiger Shark
  • Can I Ever Know You (Finale)


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  • Twitter: @Lyrikris10
  • Instagram: @kristenampersandlopez
  • TikTok: @k10lopez


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