EP278 – Dana Steingold: The Girl Scout in The Cottage

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Dana Steingold is a talented actress known for her versatile performances on Broadway and recent role in the uproarious comedy “The Cottage.” Dana takes listeners on a journey through her career, from her early days as a performer to landing roles in hit Broadway productions. She shares the challenges and joys of playing different characters, from the hilarious Girl Scout in “Beetlejuice” to Dierdre in “The Cottage.” She opens up about the audition process and how she approaches each role with dedication and creativity. Dana discusses the significance of “Beetlejuice” and its impact on Broadway fandom and how social media has changed the landscape of theater, including the special connection it creates between the show’s cast and its devoted fans. As they dive into “The Cottage,” Dana sheds light on the collaborative process of creating an original comedy and the thrill of working with an exceptional ensemble. From hilarious moments on stage to unexpected mishaps, she shares behind-the-scenes stories. Beyond the stage, she discusses her views on marriage, fidelity, and the boundaries of relationships, all of which were explored in “The Cottage.” Throughout the episode, Dana’s passion for storytelling and connecting with audiences shines through, making it clear why she’s a standout performer on stage.

Dana Steingold was last seen on Broadway originating the role of Girl Scout in “Beetlejuice” on Broadway, where she also covered the role of Lydia Deetz. Her other notable stage credits include “Godspell” and “Avenue Q”. Dana can now be seen on the Broadway stage as the hilarious Deirdre in “The Cottage”. 

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