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Ep80 – Kathryn Gallagher, Jagged Little Pill & Spring Awakening revival

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Kathryn Gallagher is an amazing singer/songwriter who made her Broadway debut in 2015 in the Deaf West revival of Spring Awakening. She stars as Annika Atwater in the show YOU on Netflix, and is currently starring as Bella in Jagged Little Pill on Broadway!

This interview was filmed entirely on the floors of our respective houses during the #socialdistancing COVID-19 outbreak. In her own words, she’s been “preparing for quarantine her whole life.” Aside from discussing the obvious, we go deep into her own psyche, how playing Bella has helped her work through her own past trauma, and how Spring Awakening also fell in her lap, thus changing her life. At a young age, Kathryn was always performing — she put on “shows” for her invisible audience while brushing her teeth as a child (and maybe even last week!).

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How the #metoo movement and sexual assault awareness began while they were workshopping JLP, thus changing the core character breakdown
  • How her photo shoot with Tyler Shields helped her regain a decade of lost body image confidence
  • The incredible story of [almost not] booking her Broadway debut in Spring Awakening (2015)
  • Her love/hate relationship with social media
  • Why she puts mushrooms in her coffee
  • The catharsis that is her experience working through her own past trauma in Jagged Little Pill

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