Bonus – Broadway Reborn: Memory Parody (10 Minute Version) (Mike’s Version)

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If the 2019 Bombalurina can re-release her own music, why can’t I? As part of the “BROADWAY REBORN, WITH LOVE NOW AND FOREVER, A Celebratory Welcome Back!” event that was recorded live on August 21, 2021, we recorded and released a parody of Memory. Hear it today and watch the music video on YouTube at:

Performed by Melanie Goerlitz

Lyrics by Mike Abrams:

How I’ve missed you, oh Broadway
Let your memory help me
Fill the void from within
I have settled to watching clips of CATS on YouTube
But a live show must begin

How I’ve missed you oh Broadway
I remember the old days
Shows were happening then
I remember the time I flipped through my Playbill
Please let Broadway start again

Burnt out lightbulbs, dusty stages
Empty lines at the theatre
Grizabella’s not dying, the Ball hasn’t even started
And all of the CATS are waiting

I just want to see a matinee
I’ll even come on a Monday
And I’ll stand in the back
I am willing to pay
Too much for a glass of wine
Just let Broadway start again

Old Deuteronomy is ready to make his choice
Grizabella is elevating
Gus is standing there being passed over
His tears of sadness are fading

Pick Gus
I just want you to pick Gus
He is much more deserving
The crowd’s on his side
If you pick him
You’ll finally end the show correctly

Look remember
The Wrong Cat Died

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Alan Seales & Broadway Podcast Network
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