Ep41 – Tricia Tanguy, Grizabella on US National Tour 5

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“You will all pick for the same reason that I already know that she is the one that should be picked” This episode features Tricia Tanguy who played Grizabella in the 2007 5th US National Tour and then again over 10 years later in the 2019 6th US Tour. Hear Tricia discuss what it was like learn the show from some of the original CATS team, how Andy Blankenbuehler uses the ensemble to tell the CATS relationships with each other, and her theory about how Old Deuteronomy has his mind made up on the Jellicle choice before the show even starts. Plus, hear Tricia’s theory on Victoria being the daughter of Griz and Munk.

Check out Tricia on Instagram: @triciatanguy

Check out Tricia’s website: www.triciatanguy.com

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