Ep48 – Meghan Hanley, Comedian, Host of Sports Tabata

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“Grizz. Easy. She’s Tonya Harding. She’s had a tough life. She’s a fighter.” This episode features stand up comedian and the host of Sports Tabata Meghan Hanley who has never been in CATS but had a crazy experience seeing the show. Hear Meghan talk about how her CATS jokes bombed when she tried them during a set, how she grew up in Long Island seeing the CATS commercial her whole life, and why her who views on the show center around Skimbleshanks. Plus, Meghan and I compare CATS to athletes!

Check out Meghan on Twitter & Instagram: @themeghanhanley

Check out Meghan’s website: meghanhanley.com

Check out Sports Tabata: www.youtube.com/user/meghanley2/videos

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