Ep65 – Jacob Smith, Macavity in Waterloo Community Playhouse (Iowa)

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“I poke out as as Alonzo singing ‘Were you blind when you’re born?’ full tilt at my father two feet away I will never forget for the rest of my life he noticed me and jumped probably two feet out of his seat.” This episode features Jacob Smith who you probably know from his time on Broadway in Frozen but performed as Macavity early in his theater journey at the Waterloo Community Playhouse in Iowa. Hear Jacob and Mike discuss his introduction to regional theater, his hilarious experience scaring his father, and then debate the merits of Grizabella vs Gus. Plus, if you stick around to the end, you can hear Jacob and Mike discuss axe throwing in Indiana.

Check out Jacob on Instagram: @jacobsmithstudios

Check out Jacob’s website: www.jacobsmithstudios.com

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