Ep82 – Alexandra Bowman, Satirist, Arts Critic, & CATS Movie Fan

In This Episode

“It’s shocking how much of the show’s ethos matches my personality.” This episode features Alexandra Bowman, a satirist and superfan of CATS who loved the 2019 movie! Hear Alexandra discuss how her initiation to CATS was the 2019 movie, how she has written multiple parody articles about the movie and musical, about her CATS cosplay, and her defense for Munkustrap as her Jellicle choice. Plus, Alex and Mike take a deep dive into the 2019 movie from all kinds of angles you never realized you needed to hear.

  • Check out Alexandra on Instagram & Tik Tok: @alexandrabowmanart
  • Check out Alexandra on Twitter: @scripta_bene
  • Check out Alexandra’s website: www.alexandrabowmanart.com
  • Check out Alexandra’s stop motion Overture: vimeo.com/421656542

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