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Join us for our season finale episode in which we get to talk to the artist who coined the name for our podcast, writer and actor Lisa Kron! We discuss Lisa’s early artist days and the “living culture” of WOW Café as well as the origins and almost European tour of the Five Lesbian Brothers. This leads us to the importance and rarity of queer spaces, queer identity outside of the patriarchy, the incandescent and creative life of the subculture, and the sanctification of a chosen family. In our discussion of Fun Home, we get to hear excerpts from Lisa’s childhood diary and about the autograph line confessions at the Fun Home stage door. Lisa reflects on the intersection of art and activism and her family history in light of today’s political climate and provides some pre-election insight that’s still prescient to our presidential transition time. We leave you this season with the reminder, as Lisa says, of “our power to create the future.” Be powerful and keep it queer.


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  • Taskmaster – Amazon, Youtube


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