#2.10 Mixing It Up with Twi McCallum

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Hosts Meghan & Holly chat with Twi McCallum (she/they/he), the first woman of color sound designer of a Broadway show! Hear how Twi came to work on their Broadway debut, Chicken & Biscuits (previews begin TOMORROW, September 23, 2021), the history of women and POC sound designers on Broadway (not many), how things have changed since Twi published an open letter to the theatre community last year, and her concerns for the future. They also share their love of designing musicals, how she manifested more musical projects, the difference between sound designers and composers, thoughts on virtual theatre, and his dream role in film production.

Holly and Meghan also check-in about their upcoming trip to a Broadway show and some ways to fight for reproductive justice.

You can find a transcript of this episode here.

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