#2.15 Revolutionary Storytelling with Cecilia Gentili

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Legendary advocate, organizer and storyteller Cecilia Gentili joins us for the final episode of Season Two! We talk about her autobiographical show The Knife Cuts Both Ways and finding beauty in your story when the world wants to “reduce you to a ball of trauma.” She shares the joy of being a part of Pose (her first ever audition!) and some behind the scene stories from late night filming with Janet Mock. We talk more about her work being a resource and voice for the community in issues of gender equity through Transgender Equity Consulting and Cecilia closes us out with a call to action for all queer artists, reminding them of their power to shape the future.


Holly & Meghan talk queering the holidays and some work they’ve seen featuring previous guests: National Queer Theater’s LUCIÉRNAGAS written by Javier Rivera DeBruin and IS THIS A ROOM featuring Becca Blackwell. For our action of the ep, find out the many ways that you can get involved with The Center’s statewide advocacy coalition, RiseOut, The People’s Platform. Thesis on Joan will return for Season Three in Spring 2022!

A full transcription of this episode is available through this link.


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RiseOut, The People’s Platform


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