#2.8 Reimagining the world with Javier Rivera DeBruin

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Wrap up Pride month with playwright and impact producer, Javier Rivera DeBruin, and hosts Meghan and Holly! Javi discusses how queerness, magical realism/fantasy/scifi in theatre allows a unique opportunity for anything to happen, the dynamics of family in their writing and in the theatre community, and why theatre is the Grey Gardens of the arts. Learn what Javi does as an Impact Producer for documentaries like DISCLOSURE and TRANS IN TRUMPLAND, practices that theatre could adapt from documentaries, and the rewards of contributing to the counter narratives to the recent attacks against trans youth.

Holly and Meghan also discuss upcoming shows in July and how you can support the Equality Act!


Upcoming Shows: 

  • Trans Moses at Ars Nova – Created & Performed by Christian Luu  
  • Brother, Brother at NYTW – by Aleshea Harris, directed by Shayok Misha Chowdhury

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