#2.9 Ryan J. Haddad is Still Single

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We’re back with the hilarious and insightful actor and playwright Ryan J. Haddad to kick-off the second half of Season Two! Ryan’s show Hi, Are You Single? was a pandemic, digital theater high point for us – we go into the backstory and creation of this piece and what it was like to tell stories about connections during COVID. Ryan also (maybe accidentally?) announces his next show coming in 2022, Dark Disabled Stories. We also discuss radical accessibility, exploring ableism in Dark Disabled Stories, the lack of true depictions of disabled stories, the sinister nature of tearjerkers, frozen custard and other Northeast Ohio hotspots, and an upcoming opportunity to go on a date with Ryan. Meghan and Holly also encourage you to go out and patronize your queer spaces! Cheers, queers!

You can find a transcript of this episode here.

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