#3.4 Happy Pride! Queer Show Round-Up

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Happy Pride! Join Holly and Meghan for a super queer round-up of everything we’ve seen recently and are excited to see this month. Beware – spoilers abound! We talk about the genius of Paula Vogel and the revival of How I Learned to Drive. We attempt to manifest a queer dating conversation between Ryan Haddad and Michael R. Jackson and share our love of fat protagonists as we talk about A Strange Loop. Holly has thoughts on The Minutes and we both try to unpack our experience at Which Way to the Stage. As queer psychics, we predict the transfer of Into the Woods and The ThanksGiving Play (we promise we recorded this weeks ago), dream cast and queer Into the Woods, and welcome Milky White into the queer canon. We also shout-out upcoming shows in June we’re excited to check out and our current queer culture recommendations.

Shows Discussed:

  • How I Learned to Drive
  • Now in performance at the Friedman Theatre on Broadway
  • Closing June 12th
  • A Strange Loop
  • Now in performance at the Lyceum Theatre on Broadway
  • Tickets on Sale through October 16th
  • Which Way to the Stage
  • Performances ended June 5th at MCC
  • Into the Woods
  • Broadway Transfer begins June 28th at the St. James Theatre
  • Performances June 28th-August 21st

Upcoming Shows:

Action of the Ep/Queer Gives: 

Queer Culture Recs:

Episode Credits:

  • Edited by Meghan Dixon

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