#3.9 Queer (Show) Round-Up

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Hosts Meghan and Harrow discuss all the queer shows they’ve seen recently (and not so recently)! Hear shout outs to Songs From Bark of Millions by Taylor Mac and Matt Ray, Gumiho by Nina Ki, The Nosebleed written and directed by Aya Ogawa, As You Like It adapted by Shaina Taub & Laurie Woolery, and Lavender Men by Roger Q. Mason. They go into deeper dives on Once Upon a (Korean) Time by Daniel K. Isaac and american (tele)visions by Victor I. Cazares! Plus, get behind-the-scenes thoughts on the making of this podcast, a discussion of the current “drag moment” trend in theatre, and what playwright Harrow and Meghan moved aside in order to take a photo with their show poster.


A full transcription of this episode is available here


Content Warning: Discussion of sexual assault between [27:16]-[29:13]


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  • Edited by Harrow Sansom


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