#15 – Double Standards: Trump and the Espionage Act

In This Episode

Micah Lee, a computer security engineer who develops technology to protect whistleblowers, gives his unique thoughts in this episode. He shares why he believes whistleblowers are important to our democracy and how the Espionage Act of 1917 reveals the imbalance in the American justice system.


Micah Lee is First Look Media’s Director of Information Security. He is a computer security engineer and an open-source software developer who writes about technical topics like digital and operational security, encryption tools, whistleblowing, and hacking using language that everyone can understand without dumbing it down. He develops security and privacy tools such as OnionShare, Dangerzone, and semiphemeral.

Before joining The Intercept, he worked as a staff technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, where he explained how technologies work to journalists and lawyers, and worked to encrypt the web. He is a founder and former board member of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, a member of the Distributed Denial of Secrets advisory board, and a Tor Project core contributor.

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