Ep 11: Would You Risk Your Life For Theater? (Feat: Harriett D. Foy)

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This week, the Friends talk about Godspell at Berkshire Theatre Group, the first musical to be performed in from of a live audience using union actors. There’s a lot of plastic involved, and masks on stage, which is admirable but they can’t help but wonder: Who would want to risk their health to go see a show right now?

Then, the Friends review a show that is safe, the Zoom tarot readings currently being presented from Strange Bird Immersive, a Houston-based company that specializes in escape rooms. They can’t do escape rooms but their actors are doing tarot readings online which are actually quite unnerving and accurate.

This week’s guest is actor Harriett D. Foy, who is currently playing the ultra-religious Patrice in P-Valley on Starz, a new show written by playwright Katori Hall based on her play Pussy Valley. Foy talks about reading mean Tweets online and the upcoming virtual play she’s doing to celebrate the centennial of women’s suffrage: Finish the Fight by Ming Peiffer, which will premiere on Aug. 18 and is produced by The New York Times, and is about the unsung women of color who helped win women the right to vote. It will be available after the 18th for you to view whenever.

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