Ep 15: What the Hell Is a Republic, Anyway? (Feat: Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare)

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This week, the Friends talk about two shows. First they discuss Murder at River Crossing Book Club from Live In Theatre Company, which is an interactive murder mystery where the audience get to interrogate witnesses and try to figure out, who killed the richest woman in town? It’s real-life Clue! Then the Friends discuss this year’s Miscast, MCC Theater’s annual gala, where actors perform songs from shows they would never be cast in. Whose performance did the Friends love most? Find out!

This week’s guest are actor Denis O’Hare (True Blood, American Horror Story) and director Lisa Peterson (The Waves, Light Shining in Buckinghamshire). The two are longtime friends who collaborated on the award-winning An Iliad and The Good Book. They’ve figured out to still collaborate with an ocean between them and the newest fruits of their partnership is the new virtual experience: What the Hell Is a Republic Anyway? Beginning live on Sept 22, and going until after the election, Peterson and O’Hare will explore the parallels between the fall of Rome and America today.

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