Ep. 28: Single and Fabulous, Exclamation Point (Feat. Ryan J. Haddad)

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Kathlynn and Jose commemorate Valentine’s Day. Last time they reviewed two dark romances and promised to find happy endings for V-Day. First, they talk about Malcolm and Marie on Netflix, leading Kathlynn to ask: why is this billed as a romantic drama? Following that, they talk about The Gay Divorcees, a band of real-life divorcees, who put together a visual album about how their marriages fell apart. Ah, l’amour…

Jose talks to writer/performer Ryan J. Haddad about his melancholy Hi, Are You Single? A one-person show inspired by his experiences as a gay man with a high sex drive and cerebral palsy. The play is available to stream at Woolly Mammoth Theatre through the month of February. Jose and Ryan spoke about gay bars, Grindr, I Love Lucy, and specific word choices we make on dating apps.


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