Ep. 30: Thank You Theater-Makers (Ft. Daniel K. Isaac)

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It’s been one year since theaters shut down all over the world. We’re all still processing our new reality in different stages. The way to commemorate this strange anniversary couldn’t be one of just sadness over what we lost or admiration at the perseverance of artists. Instead, we thought our tone should reflect what’s mostly in our hearts: gratitude.

This is the first episode in a series called “Thank You Theater-makers.” We talk to artists who have been experimenting with new mediums, rediscovering skills, or realizing untried dreams. We talk to artists who have been holding space for their mental health and experiencing grief. We talk to artists who gave us their gift in new ways, and to those who we are sending love to, while they resume the practice of their craft.

We begin this series with one of our favorite guests, Daniel K. Isaac. The versatile actor who has charmed us with his warmth and immense love for theater. Over the past year he has showcased his natural talent as a playwright and delighted us on social media with his book recommendations. We talk to Isaac about returning to his TV work on Billions, and what’s next for him as a writer.

Thank you, Daniel <3


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