Ep. 34: The Immigrants

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In this episode, Alexi and Murtada talk about the March on Broadway organized by the Actor’s Equity Association. They discuss the need for systemic reform to prevent future manifestations of abusive behavior within the theatre industry. Both hope that this reckoning is just the beginning of an industry-wide effort towards transformational change.

The friends also review the film Limbo directed by Ben Sharrock and the play Honduras written by Sara Farrington. Both pieces portray the experiences of immigrants and asylum seekers leaving their homeland and establishing their lives in new countries. Limbo takes a whimsical approach that Murtada likens to Waiting for Godot, whereas Honduras tells the stories of 3 Honduran mothers in very much the same style as Anna Deveare Smith’s one-woman show Fires in the Mirror. Limbo opens in theatres April 30th and Honduras will be available to stream May 3rd-8th.


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