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In this episode Jose talks to Michael Breslin, Patrick Foley and Cat Rodríguez, the creative minds behind Fake Friends, a new theatre/media company where they explore their love for pop culture, theatre and politics, through genre-bending pieces that combine multimedia with “traditional” theater.

Their latest project is Circle Jerk, a hilarious commentary on white gays and cancel culture, which they are streaming live from Oct. 18 through Nov. 7th. Jose talked to Michael, Patrick and Cat about criticism, YouTube influencers, creating theatre during a worldwide pandemic, and Fellini.

Here are links to the things mentioned in this episode:

  • The official website for Fake Friends.
  • The official website for Circle Jerk, which runs from Oct. 18 – Nov 7th.
  • Contrapoints, the YouTuber Michael Breslin describes as “John Waters and a philosophy seminar at a college)
  • This American Wife produced by Next Door at New York Theatre Workshop in 2018.
  • Federico Fellini’s Satyricon.

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