#3 Dear Evan Hansen – Featuring Jess McAnally!

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Jess McAnally from Musicals with Cheese dives deep into why he dislikes Dear Evan Hansen, while Brendon and Gabi defend that the musical was pivotal to the Broadway renaissance. Listen in for DEH trivia, discussion of the upcoming movie, and a surprising amount of vulnerability from these three misfits.

Musicals w/ Cheese is a musical theatre comedy Podcast where a Musical Theatre expert shows a theatre hater that musicals are awesome one week at a time.

Wait in the Wings is an acclaimed YouTube channel that covers the history of Broadway musicals like Starlight Express, The Spongebob Squarepants Musical, and Carrie the Musical. Too Much Exposition is hosted by Wait in the Wings founder Brendon Henderson, and Wait in the Wings Script Supervisor Gabriela Day. The two are long-time theatre lovers and use their educational background in theatre to make entertaining educational content.


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