The Wubulous History of Seussical | WitW Live (WitW: S1E5)

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Buckle your seat belts for this wild ride through the fall and redemption of Seussical. When the show was unveiled in 2000, the theater world was enchanted by the early readings. With an incredible cast of characters, world-class actors, and master composers, it should have become the next mega hit like “The Lion King”. However, once the show became weighed down by lawsuits and behind the scenes tension Seussical started to fall off track and it would go on to become one of the biggest flops in Broadway history. How did this happen? And more importantly…how was it saved?

In this live entertaining taping for the Wait in the Wings YouTube channel, Brendon Henderson uncovers the riveting story of the Broadway train wreck and inspiring comeback of Seussical the Musical through interviews, web articles, and videos that help tell the tale of optimism, charm, and conflict that shows that bigger isn’t always better.

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