#13 – Christina Ray-Lynn Connelly: Artist, Actor, Dangerbot, & creator of Vagina Plushies!

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This week you get to enjoy the soothing sounds of a tropical rainstorm whenever Alan speaks and … yes … we really DO talk about anatomically correct Vagina plushies and so much else. WOW! We had way, way too much fun in this interview. It’s one of those conversations where the laughter can’t help but make you laugh. 

Christina Ray-Lynn Connelly AKA Danger bot is a voice-over artist, comedian, animal lover, fitness buff, and improviser. She’s also the designer of anatomically correct Vagina plushies that she hand makes! She has an incredibly funny Instagram account and is bursting with so much creative talent is simply cannot be contained. 

Listen in on this very candid conversation about chasing your dreams, challenging taboos, and pushing societal norms for the greater good of all.

Make sure to follow Christina on her hilarious Instagram account @dangerbot and see her Vagina plushies at @xoxofeltlikelove.


  • What’s the next mistake I can make so that I can really grow and learn?
  • Embracing the “taboo” can create space, openness, comfort, and understanding for others. It can create freedom. 
  • Get help and allow others to support you. This is the only way to “do it all.”
  • Sometimes tragedy can lead to opportunity. 
  • Ask yourself: How can I fail “differently!?”
  • Sometimes a certain thing is just not meant for that moment. 
  • Stop “acting” and just “be!”
  • Often feeling afraid is a sign that something wonderful is about to happen.
  • If you’re comfortable, you’ve basically already decided you know what’s going to happen.

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