#16 – Mike Abrams: “Grizabella was the wrong cat to die. Welcome to my Ted Talk.”

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“Grizabella was the wrong cat to die. Welcome to my Ted Talk.”

Mike Abrams, a fellow Broadway Podcast Network member, never imagined his life would revolve around the musical … CATS!

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Mike is an avid sports fan who spends the majority of his free time watching early 2000’s sitcoms. In 2016, he moved to New York and made the decision to embrace every unique opportunity that came his way. And this is how he ended up seeing the revival of CATS. He never knew this one decision would completely change his life.

After the show, Mike became obsessed with the (lack of?) plot and unique ending featured in CATS. Suddenly, he found himself sharing his theories about the show with anyone who would listen, and hasn’t stopped since. 

Mike’s theories developed into what was, supposed to be, a 10-episode podcast. The Wrong Cat Died is now 80+ episodes and going strong. 

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  • If you’re open to opportunity, you’ll find some amazing things just hiding around the corner.
  • When you take on new projects, ask yourself “What do I need to give up to do this?”
  • Be open to connection for the sale of connection. When we meet people from a place of honesty and genuine curiosity/interest we build powerful networks that can lead to truly wonderful things.
  • There’s an entire set of Cards Against Humanities cards dedicated to CATS!
  • Just because you’ve always done things a specific way does not mean you must continue to do them that way. It’s ok to change things up!
  • Prioritize rest and things that give you peace. Life is short – enjoy it!

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