#19 – Mary Rutt: Meet this Latter-Day Lesbian

In This Episode

Mary is a podcaster who has spent the majority of her career in radio and television production. She’s the co-host of two LGBTQ-focused podcasts: Latter-Day Lesbian and Queer Life Crisis Which, of course, you can access anywhere you find podcasts. Mary decided to use her production talents to offer a voice to marginalized folks within the queer community, and unexpectetly has created a safe space for those who decided to leave their religion(s).  

Mary’s podcasts support folks who are experiencing PTSD and trauma due to past religious affiliations. You can learn more about Mary’s personal story in her interview with Heather on The Brave Files: Religious Recovery.

Tune into this hilarious but honest episode to gain an insider’s perspective on life after religion.

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  • When life is crazier than fiction you create a podcast about it!
  • Telling your truth and being authentic can lead to an incredible and supportive community.
  • For me to live as my true self I needed to step away from my religion and my mother’s values. 
  • If you see a need and you have a matching skill, step up and fill that need. 
  • Listen to your audience! They can give you some excellent ideas
  • Don’t be afraid to pivot when the opportunity presents itself. 
  • Your audience may not be who you think they are! Be open-minded. 
  • Leaving a “high demand religion” is difficult. It strips you from your community and that community needs to be replaced somehow. Find your people!
  • What’s the worst that can happen?! Try new things! Take risks!
  • You don’t have to be great at everything, but that doesn’t make you a failure. 
  • Seek knowledge to learn what you’re drawn to!!

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