#20 – Nicholas Hussong: Projecting His Creative Destiny

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Digital projection has changed the face of theater and other immersive, creative experiences. No one does this work better than Nicholas Hussong. Nicholas is an artist, designer, and creative producer who was recently nominated for a Tony Award for Best Scenic Design of a Play for his work as Projection Designer on the recent Broadway production of Skeleton Crew. With an impressive resume including graduating from Yale School of Drama, Nicholas has worked as a creative programmer for Marc Jacobs, director of design for Smith & Westward, and is the co-creator of FEAST, an immersive dining experience with Listen&Breathe. Nicholas is also an adjunct professor at The New School in New York, NY, and at USC in Los Angeles, CA.

Tune in to hear Nicholas share his creative process and how he consistently embraces risk and opportunity.

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  • Being part of a team is amazing. Just because you’re creative doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.
  • More minds are better than one 
  • Your career is about skills, not education – just get that receipt (degree). You have your whole life to figure things out 
  • You are your own definition of success
  • Get out there and do the work. That’s how you really learn. 
  • Be kind and available 
  • Don’t judge a “job” by its cover – judge it by how it feeds your soul and passion. 
  • Real-world experience always plays into your professional work. 
  • When the opportunity presents itself, get in, get messy and just fail until you get it right.

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