#25 – Jesse McAnally: This Mega-Nerd’s Gone Feature-Length!

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Jesse McAnally is a mega nerd – and therefore one of our absolute favorite people. He’s a film director, actor, YouTuber, songwriter, podcaster, and a Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast. He has been making movies since he was 5, acting out elaborate plots with dolls, and forcing his family to watch. After graduating from Wayne State with a degree in Media Arts and Studies, he decided to return to his high school hobby: sharing his passion for musical theatre with others through his podcast, Musicals With Cheese, where he teaches a layperson new to the community the ins and outs of being a theatre nerd. He now has a feature film in the works called The Daughters of the Domino that I am super excited to talk about. Jesse, welcome!

Jesse also graced us with an impromptu performance of Shut The Fuck Up Alan! Stay until the end so you don’t miss it.

Support Jesse’s Kickstarter for his first feature film, The Daughters of the Domino.

Check Jesse out on Instagram and Twitter. 


  • Jesse was a media Obsessed child that wanted to soak it all in and put his own spin on it
  • Creativity comes from discovering “it’s possible” – whatever “it” is for you!
  • The fourth wall NEEDS to be broken down. Modern streaming society has stripped this from the “crowd-facing” content and it’s a shame.
  • Partner with folks you enjoy working with! It’s really important to have fun while you work.
  • Be a great friend first, then a collaborator.
  • It never hurts to be kind.
  • The worst sets are the ones where people are afraid of the director.
  • Ask yourself if you’re in an emotionally space safe to take on intentional risk.
  • The all-or-nothing element of a Kickstarter really motivates people to participate in your  project. 
  • The quality of the crew greatly affects the final product.
  • You can have massive fear of rejection and still show up and do big, brave things. 
  • Many performers and public figures are quiet and introverted.
  • All that exists is because YOU are here and you created it! BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!

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