#28 – Nicole Carosella: Energy, Manifestation, Witches, and Jewelry OH MY!

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Nicole is one half of a sister/sister duo that co-founded a high-end jewelry brand called Sorllina. Nicole and her sister Nicole grew up on the north shore of Long Island, NY, where they were raised with a deep appreciation for the arts and shared a love of design. After graduating with a Fine Arts degree from USC, Nicole studied Jewelry Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Kim attended Tulane University for Art History and then relocated to Florence, Italy to continue her studies. Upon Kim’s return to New York, the sisters decided to set the course for their future business. As an homage to their heritage, Kim and Nicole chose to name the collection Sorellina, the Italian word for ‘little sister.’

Check out SORELLINA on Instagram or via their website. And if you’re witchy like Heather and Nicole grab your own set of Heather’s Manifestation Cards, Create Brave.


  • Sometimes it’s best not to know how difficult something will be. Knowing would hold you back – embrace opportunity when it’s available.
  • Nicole “loves fire” and that lead to her high-end jewelry business.
  • Speaking directly to Heather’s heart – Nicole and her sister never let fear guide their decisions.
  • Sometimes your heart knows its calling from a very young age.
  • Creativity manifests in so many different ways – stay open-minded.
  • There must be joy! Seek it, chase it, embrace it!
  • There were a lot of people, especially in the jewelry world, who looked down on us and didn’t treat us with respect. But something just kept showing up and proving this was exactly where we were supposed to be.
  • There’s an amazing that comes from jewelry.
  • Jewelry is the biggest proof that there’s magic in the world.
  • Gemstones are a beautiful metaphor for life and the human experience. They start out raw and need to be loved and nurtured to bring out their beauty. 
  • Infuse abundant energy into all of your creative endeavors. 
  • The more you go through in life, the more you see your own strength and live into possibility.
  • “I believe in having a positive attitude that I can get through anything because I’ve done it before.”
  • Don’t just wait for life to show up. There’s no power in that. Take intentional action but be flexible and shift when the time is right. 

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