#29 – Mauricio Martínez: Leading Man Energy!

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Follow that leading man energy and never lose sight of the goal!

Mauricio Martínez is a major international star of both stage and screen most recently seen in Paper Mill Playhouse’s production of Unmasked: The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. In addition to playing Emilio Estefan in Broadway’s On Your Feet!, He is an International Emmy Winner and tells novella superstar and was a household name in Latin America before crossing over to Broadway.

We got a little silly with this live interview in the heart of Time Square but don’t let that fool you. Mauricio brings all the best creative manifestation energy and share’s his empowering path from a childhood dream (inspired by a teacher no less) to realizing every single one of his dreams and then some. 

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  • Mau felt his “leading man” destiny from a very young age. He never doubted himself and acted accordingly at all times – he deeply believes that this is what has led to his success.
  • Sometimes you have to sing your way through the day (perhaps even a little off-key).
  • Mindset matters more than just about anything else.
  • You are not required to trade your time for money or “pay your dues” to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • Your internal chaos and emotional trauma can manifest themselves into physical alignments. 
  • Life is for having fun – trust yourself – believe in yourself – and then lean into it!

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