#32 – Lee Zlotoff: MacGyver the Musical

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Most of you have heard of MacGyver … Not only was it an internationally successful television show, but it’s also become a full-on verb for many (especially us Gen Xers) “Hold on, let me go MacGyver that!”

In this episode, Alan and Heather got to chat with Lee Zlotoff brainchild behind the world-renowned MacGyver franchise. Lee is an award-winning writer, producer, and director of film and television. In addition to creating the original MacGyver TV series, he also wrote and directed the indie hit film The Spitfire Grill which won the coveted Audience Award at the Sundance film festival and has also become a successful musical with over 700 productions. More recently, he is the author of the best-selling book The MacGyver Secret: Connect to your Inner MacGyver and Solve Anything as well as MacGyver: Meltdown, the first installment of a new MacGyver fiction series. Lee is also the Executive Director of The MacGyver Foundation which is funded by a portion of the proceeds from all the MacGyver projects. Now entering into the wonderful work of musical theater, he has executive produced the world premier concept album for MacGyver the music and the Musical is on its way to Broadway!

But Lee is so much more than his resume. He’s an inspiration and a force of nature. Listen in to hear how he manifests all of his desires and why it’s important for him to help society do the same.

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  • There’s serious power in gathering talent together and sharing ideas.
  • Start with NOTHING! You might be surprised by what you’ll find.
  • Lee’s education taught him that great ideas come from conversation and collaboration
  • It’s about the magic that comes from everyone putting in their best effort
  • We seek to feel good – look for it inside of you first, then it will show up in the world.
  • If you dare take the risk to find what you’re seeking inside of you – the opportunities appear.
  • Lee created something powerful by “taking away the gun” for the superhero.
  • MacGyver CORE VALUES: avoid conflict, resourcefulness, and maintain a sense of humor and humility.
  • Breaking out of a block: Write the problem down, then go do something else and forget about it for a bit, then go back and ask “what do you have for me?” I don’t worry about where the answers are going to come from – I surrender and trust.

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